The value of handmade

In a world where mass production is "normal", more and more people appreciate the added value of handmade items in small quantities.
But why does handmade matter? There are several factors that contribute to this appreciation becoming more and more popular.

Manifestation of creativity and crafts

Creativity is inherent to human nature and the expression of our ideas and feelings. When we create something, we leave a part of ourselves in it. By purchasing something made by someone else, we temporarily or permanently reflect our affinity with their message, taste, and aesthetic. A handmade product can be treasured for many years.

Love, dedication and passion

Handmade implies time and dedication, love and passion for art and craft. It implies the pride of its creator when seeing the finished piece. When we see or use it, we remember the time dedicated to its realization and the experience is undoubtedly more pleasant.

hands with heart

Unique and original pieces

Inherent in its condition, no two handmade items are exactly alike and this is what makes it more attractive, each creation is unique and special. 

Ethical values

Generally, buying what is handmade contributes actively and favorably to a series of characteristic factors of our time.

Small batch production does not imply the use of machinery and materials that can be harmful to the environment, also providing a more sustainable lifestyle in the medium and long term.

Likewise, artisans and small entrepreneurs are supported; When this habit of community consumption is acquired, we benefit the local economy.

shop local

Preservation of trades and cultural heritage


The beauty of consuming products by hand is helping to keep customs and crafts alive, whether characteristic of our culture or those that are general and are inherited from generation to generation.

With globalization and mass production, the custom of crafts has gradually been lost, tending towards the industrial and digital. 

Join the "buy small" movement and enjoy how special your next purchase can be. 


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